Publications and Testimonials

Dr Nel B.Ed., M.Ed, D.Ed.
I am involved in restoring deficits in motor skills. I have found Inversion Table to be a valuable aid in the rehabilitation of the condition of muscle and cartilage tissue and in increasing perfusion to the middle ear, eyes and vestibular system. These benefits are rapidly reflected in improved performance.
Dr H Krug, Physicist Saarbrücken, Germany I suffer from chronic back pain due to developmental factors exacerbated by injury. Surgery has not cured the problem entirely and I use regular Inversion Table exercises to good effect for relief of the curse of chronic back and neck pain.
Dr De Villiers, MBChB. FRCS
Claremont Pain ClinicWe have been using the Inversion Table in our clinic for 11 years with excellent results in relieving chronic back and neck pain.
Gert Keuler, Exec. Fin. AdvisorAfter using Inversion Therapy I was amazed in the change in my flexibility , after only a few weeks of use. My golf game is much improved due to greater shoulder mobility. I whole heartedly attest to the benefits of this product.
9 October 2002To : Mrs. Perry
Re : Inversion Therapy

Thank you for introducing me to inversion therapy. I lead a very active life and am no longer a teenager (42 next week). I run marathons, play cricket, league golf, go boating, skiing, etc. and a lot of other outdoor and adventure activities. Recently I’ve had to miss out on certain things and had some slow recovery periods, but I’ve found that 5 minutes ‘upside down’ every morning has almost entirely eliminated my ‘bad back days’.Right now I am sitting without any pain or stiffness, and will in fact be sailing in a yacht race this evening. The last time I was invited, I had to cancel, as I had to visit the chiropractor. In fact I had 15 sessions with him last year, and only 3 so far this year, which says plenty. I will gladly recommend it to anyone, not just those with back problems. I advocate maintenance and prevention, more than ‘cure’. 

I would like to add that my running partner is also my doctor, and he advised me to buy the ‘Inversion Table’ when we saw it at the 2 Oceans marathon expo. He was right.

Richard Todt

To whom it may concernI am a golfer who has suffered intermittent back problems for the past 15 years. I recently purchased an Inversion Table and despite my initial scepticism I can confidently say that my life has changed.Regular use of the table has given me far greater mobility and elasticity. My golf has improved and the general feeling of well being is indescribable. 

Thank you INVERSION!

Chris Thompson

Ek het heelwat las gehad van my bene wat dood geraak het as ek lang skofte aan kanovaart deelgeneem het. Soms in die nag het my arm an veral een hand ook dood gevoel. Toe ek van die inversion table gehoor het, ek dit probeer en na ongeveer vier weke se gebruik aan die tafel het albei het probleme heeltemaal verdwyn. Ek het twee sessies per dag die tafel gebruik. Elke sessie het ongeveer ses minute geduur. Die eerste drie minute hang ek net ontspanne en still onderste –bo en die tweede drie minute per sessie doen ek maagoptrek oefeninge vanaf ‘n loodregte onderste-bo posisie. Die eerste positiewe gevoel was dat my oggend styfheid heeltemaal verdwyn het en daarna het die bene en arms se dooie gevoel ook verdwyn.GroeteGiel van Deventer
Klein Drakenstein
Just to say how delighted I was to find you in Tyger Valley the other day. I know it may sound excessive but I can only say that after one ten minute session I felt the benefits for the rest of the day.
Since then I have made sure of daily spells on the table and am very pleased with the results.David Parker
HiI purchased my bed about 10 years ago. In my youth I was a gymnast and the constant jarring from landing compacted my spine and twisted my hips. I suffered constant pain in the lumbar region and at times could hardly walk – my hips were out of alignment and one leg appeared to be longer than the other. In fact my whole spine was crooked. I also had a hair-line fracture in my sacro-iliac from a bad fall about 30 years ago.I used my bed every day for months – generally twice a day for about 5 minutes at a time. Whilst I enjoyed immediate short term relief from the pain, what was more important was that the constant pain also slowly eased and eventually virtually disappeared. I cut my visits to the physiotherapist down to once a month. I have seen the same physio’ for over 20 years now and he has been amazed at how well my body responded to the inversion bed. My spine is now completely straight – I have “grown” about 2 inches! 

Sandra Gold
Stonehaven Farm
Mooi River

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