Will inversion therapy help with draining blood from the lower limbs?

Inverting can help enhance blood flow by assisting the heart in transferring venous blood from the lower body and torso to the heart and lungs for purification. It can also help promote the circulation of oxygen-rich blood from the lungs and heart to the upper body and brain. When muscles contract, the removal of waste from the muscle is slowed down by squeezed capillaries, leading to a buildup of pain-causing toxins in the tissue. Inversion has a dual effect on muscles: it stretches and relaxes them, and it helps the lymph system to eliminate the toxins trapped in the tensed muscles by gravity.

Varicose veins can be relieved by promoting circulation using inversion therapy. Varicose veins occur when blood accumulates in the veins due to weakened one-way valves, and the gravitational pull causes blood to slip back, resulting in the vein stretching and becoming painful over time. Inverting can relieve the pressure and allow the heart to clear the blood from the lower body, which may reduce the development and appearance of varicose veins.